“We’ve had the great opportunity to showcase Birgit’s stunning concrete sculptures in several of our multi-million dollar homes over the years.

With incredible attention to detail, pieces are organic, unique and eye-catching, and really bring a space to life. Her work consistently creates conversation and intrigue, encompassing beauty and expressionism. Working with Birgit is always a delight.”

Abstract Developments

“I first met Birgit Piskor at the Moss Street Paint-In in Victoria a few years ago and was immediately taken by her beautiful organic sculptures and her warm and captivating persona. I commissioned her to sculpt two amazing pieces for my home which are presently gracing two feature walls. She captured my vision by creating two sensuous textural forms with strong feminine elements that I admire and love every day. Her works exemplify strength, beauty and fluidity. I feel truly blessed to have met her and to have acquired two of her pieces.”

Lise Kent

“As a fellow artist, I believe that an artist’s personality and energy comes through in their art. Birgit’s life-experiences, charisma, and positive energy exudes from each of her pieces in different ways: modern, feminine, masculine, brave, organic. And I like all that. We wanted to buy something special for our daughter’s 21st birthday and thought, what better as a rite of passage to adulthood than a piece of art from a strong woman? At first my daughter wasn’t sure what to make of it, but she now continues to grow to love and appreciate it and is grateful to have such a great investment in something she would never have acquired herself. I have a couple pieces in the back of my mind to add to our own collection!
Thank you Birgit Piskor!”

Audrey and Matthew Takoski

“During an internet search for abstract original art for my newly-renovated home, I found Birgit’s website. I was excited by the pieces shown in the gallery photos, promptly made a studio visit, and ultimately purchased a stunning 6 ft. high free-standing sculpture suggestive of the female form. It is perfect in my contemporary space. I love the size, the fluidity of its lines, and the look and texture of the concrete it is fabricated from. Birgit even visited my home to ensure that the shade of black the sculpture is painted ‘worked’ with the blacks of my décor. I often find myself gazing at it just to admire the work of art that it is. As for Birgit herself, she is charming and helpful and it was a pleasure dealing with her.”

Leslie Bryant

“I first encountered Birgit Piskor’s work on the Internet in small digital format. I had already imagined what her sculpture would be like in the flesh, but the reality of her work far exceeded what I had imagined. Her sculptures are a celebration of life, they are luminous and dense at the same time.
The spiral, one of her fundamental forms, is the idea representation of an evolution. From nothingness, forms arise and assert themselves to become like immense question marks uncoiling against themselves. Piskor abhors a vacuum, yet it is a void filled with a powerful silence. Her work reveals the best of ourselves.
How fortunate I am to have met this great artist. This is the beginning of a long collaboration.”

Christine Ventouras
Director, Galerie Krisal
Geneva, Switzerland

“Birgit’s abstract sculptures suggest forms you find in the natural world, while walking on a beach or in a forest. Their size reinforces that feeling – it’s on a human scale, so you almost expect them to breathe!”

Jon Tupper, Director of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

“[Piskor’s sculptures] call to mind the tall, thin, existential figures modelled by Alberto giacometti – but sexy.”

Robert Amos, art critic.