Professional artist Birgit Piskor was born in the town of Calw, situated in the Black Forest region of Germany. At a young age, she immigrated to Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, where her studio and gallery are now located.

Known for her sensual organic forms, Piskor’s unique sculptural works are held in private collections both locally and internationally. Her work is steadily evolving – from gracefully arching female forms to striking geometric totems to large-scale abstract pieces.  Each of Piskor’s original sculptures is individually hand built with exceptional attention to detail.

Piskor channels the industrial essence of concrete into shapes and textures that defy its inherent rigidity. The flowing organic concrete forms she produces are tactile expressions of transformation and visceral moments of beauty.

“I first encountered Birgit Piskor’s work on the Internet in small digital format. I had already imagined what her sculpture would be like in the flesh, but the reality of her work far exceeded what I had imagined. Her sculptures are a celebration of life, they are luminous and dense at the same time.
The spiral, one of her fundamental forms, is the idea representation of an evolution. From nothingness, forms arise and assert themselves to become like immense question marks uncoiling against themselves. Piskor abhors a vacuum, yet it is a void filled with a powerful silence. Her work reveals the best of ourselves.
How fortunate I am to have met this great artist. This is the beginning of a long collaboration.”

Christine Ventouras
Director, Galerie Krisal
Geneva, Switzerland